Vietnam: A Photo Essay
Photos by Lucio Villa, Johnny Le, and Larissa Bahr
Three TUSK photographers went on a medical mission with Project Vietnam, a non-profit organization that works to improve health conditions in needy provinces of Vietnam. The photographers traveled throughout the country and visited the cities of Bac Kan, Hanoi, Vinh Phúc and Ha Long Bay. The following photo essay is split into three parts: Vietnam's cities and landscapes, the Project Vietnam medical missions and the Vietnamese people.

From children playing outside to everyday workers, TUSK photographers saw a variety of people in Vietnam. The Vietnamese welcomed our photographers into their homes, workplaces and daily lives. These portraits are a view into the lives of the Vietnamese that we couldn't get from simply taking a tour or reading a book.

The photographers spent 13 days, March 3 through March 15, traveling through Vietnam and visiting the country's diverse cities and countryside. The trio first flew into Hanoi, then went to Bac Kan and Vinh Phúc for the medical mission, then traveled to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay for sightseeing, then flew back to California out of Hanoi.

Our photographers were assigned to the different medical teams within Project Vietnam. One photographer worked with the surgery team and witnessed cross-eyed and cleft lip surgeries. Another went with the dental team, which performed tooth extractions and fillings. One photographer assisted the primary care team, which handled the registration forms, basic check-ups (which included checking height, weight and vitals) and patient diagnosis. People would travel for hours to see the Project Vietnam volunteers and health practitioners.