Letter from the Editor


The director Alfred Hitchcock once said, “A lot of movies are like a slice of life, mine are like a slice of cake,” meaning that his films only include the most intense, dramatic, entertaining and delectable bits to create a movie that leaves you wanting more.


Journalists can’t choose to include only the juiciest parts of the story. We include all of the facts and details, working with the subjects to present to you, the reader, a slice of their life— the stripped-down, uncut truth that is yours to take.


In this issue of Tusk, you will search for one student’s road to success after she swerves off track, sit in the press box with another and watch his career goals come true, and you’ll find yourself pushed beyond mental boundaries, chasing down sanity with a young, aspiring rockstar experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs.


You’ll catch flights to Japan, China and South Korea while rushing to photoshoots and dodging danger. You’ll eat dinner with an Afghan teenager and her family, watching in awe as she voices the opinion that will change her life forever.


You will sit alongside a patient as she anxiously awaits a diagnosis that will inevitably change the course of her life.


You’ll hit the pavement face first with a student athlete who asks himself whether to tap out or keep swinging.


The journey continues as you travel with an investigator who finds herself caught in the middle of the very crime she was trying to expose and you’ll wander through Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, spotting new vendors and searching for the old.


You’ll navigate through Guatemala with a group of student journalists as they produce a photo essay about life in a developing country. There you will meet a man who, after losing his job, finds a buzzing new career to provide for his family.


The stories in this issue of Tusk Magazine may not have perfect, Hollywood endings, but they are the raw truths of individuals encompassing all walks of life. Life, when it pushes you to your limit and you question whether you have the strength to move forward.


Life that knocks you out of your comfort zone. Life that is imperfect and beautiful at the same time. Life that is full of passion.


These tales of trial turned triumph were an honor for us to tell. Our team of writers, copy editors, designers and photographers dedicated their time to bring this magazine to life.


Our multimedia team worked hard and efficiently to make Tusk Magazine available online and on our first-ever app. On the website, you’ll be able to view all ten stories plus an exclusive story, extra photos and videos.


I am truly grateful for the teamwork that made this collaborative effort possible and so proud of the outcome.


A special thank you goes out to our advisers Professor Holland and Professor Brody, without whom we may have been lost more than once.


I hope this magazine, this little slice of life, finds you well and encourages you in times of trouble, just as the subjects encouraged us.


Ashley Ruiz-Steiskal